Working capital laon

A Loan that is taken to Finance a Company's everyday operations. These Loans are used to provide the Working Capital that covers a Company's short Term operational needs.We are Indexia Finance with substantial appetite for recognised credits. We have a team of customer-driven relationship managers with wide industry experience in various segments. We can offer you working capital finance by way of cash credit or loans suitably structured to your needs and your risk profile in consortium or as a sole banker.Indexia Finance working capital

The scheme is meant for limited companies which are industrial concerns as defined in IDBI Act.Those limited companies which have not got any working capital: They were under financed & hence running in lower capacity.There is market for the product The promoters are competent and persons of integrity Technology is not outdated The Company and the unit must be potentially viable.This scheme is aimed for those units currently facing problem due to lack of working capital support from commercial banks.These units can be made viable with the infusion of fresh funds by way of one time core working capital assistance.

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