Arthsetu financial service provider

Artsetu Financial Service Providers in Solapurs is one of the Comprehensive Financial Service Provider Firm.Not only fulfillment of Your goals is our responsibility, but we also make sure that this entire process of Making Wealth is independent comprensive and competent.We are an independent, 'fee-only' financial services firm specializing in the field of personal Financial Planning, Investment Advisory & Management and Consulting services with a deep commitment to fulfilling our client's financial advisory needs.We do not represent, hold any affiliation or are linked to any financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, asset management companies,etc. for any kind of selling or marketing of their financial products. We do not receive any remuneration, brokerage, incentives, commissions or any consideration by whatever name called from any financial product providers on the suggested financial products/transactions that may result from the implementation of our suggested financial plan, investment advisory & management and/or consulting services.

Our Services

This are some of the services of the Arthsetu financial service provider.


Our Main Services

We are one of the trusted loan service providers.we provide all types of loans,taxes as
well as one can do investment as per their interest.


Financial Consulting

We provide increasing expectations to help drive profitable growth and align with corporate strategy, all the while keeping a firm hand on reporting and operations. We can help elevate their role through innovative strategies, planning and tactical execution.


Experts Advisors

Arthsetu experts & Financial Advisory helps organizations navigate a variety of risks to lead in the marketplace and disrupt through innovation. With our insights, you can learn how to embrace complexity and accelerate performance of ones's individual and business.


Insurance Consulting

We help leading insurances consulting for the customers and meet their strategic and operational goals.One can take benefits of it. We focus on core operating capabilities and help clients take a long-term, through-cycle view of the evolving competitive and regulatory landscape.


Taxes Planning

We provide tax planning and scheduling Our process of forecasting one's tax liability and
formulating ways to reduce it.Tax planning
covers several consideration.Considerations include timing of income, size, and timing of purchases, and planning for other


Retirement Planning

You can start Retirement planning at
anytime,but it works best if you factor it into your financial planning from the beginning.That's the best way to ensure a safe, secure—and fun—retirement. The fun part is why it makes sense to pay attention to the serious and planning how you'll get there.


Business Loans

We understand that managing financial health is one of the important components of your business. Not only do you need to manage daily cash flow but also arrange for adequate funds for inventories, receivables, planned expansion or to meet an unplanned agency As per your finance.


Our Financial Experince

  • Financial Consulting 90%

  • Experts Advisors 80%

  • Insurance 85%

  • Taxes 65%

  • Business Loans 75%